Last Minute 14-Point Burger Brisbane Checklist

Wondering if you’re ready for Burger Brisbane?

The 14-points below will cover all the major last minute event details. This is to help ensure we are all ready for the 20 days of Burger Bingeing cast upon the people of Brisbane from the 2nd of March 2020.

Sound good? Lets get to it.


Ready Burgers and Beers

Let’s begin with the stars of the show – your Burger and your chosen Beer match. Note that most of you will most likely have these things checked off already. They’re just the crucial parts of the event that everyone should have in the bag.

1. Burger and Beer stocked

We’re sure all kitchens are prepped and raring to go with their Burger creations. It has to be said that everyone has done a great job and it’s awesome to see we have such a variety of unique and interesting Burger’s on offer so to everyone – thank you.

As for your chosen beer, most of you will have this in stock already. For those still waiting, we’ll have it delivered ASAP first thing.

2. Till systems loaded and tested

Functionality-wise, point of sale systems are pretty important. Having all your stock items, recipes, PLU’s and till maps prepared pre-event will make for smooth and Burger slinging.

Also, remember to test those Kitchen and dispatch printers to avoid a mid shift headache.

3. Spreading the word

Instagram is the social platform for Burger Brisbane so encouraging as many people as you can to help spread the word on there, more hype for you and the event as a whole.

We’ll also be adding lots of ways to help with the hype too which we’ll go through in detail below.

4. Voting

Lets not forget that bragging rights to Burger Brisbane’s best burger are up for grabs so being familiar with the voting process will give you a competitive edge.

Voting for your burger is fairly straight forward. Go to and find your burger. Login or sign up, rate it out of 5 and click add review. Easy.

More votes = more chance’s to take the title so hype it up. Voting begins 10am Monday, 2nd March 2020 and closes 12am Saturday, 21st March 2020.

5. Staff primed

As well as getting staff up to speed with the above points, show them the Burger Brisbane website and tell them about the event. The more they know the better the event will be. Burger Brisbane is all about having some fun and celebrating Brisbane and Burgers while having a Beer.



Advertising Materials

No worthy event goes without advertising collateral and we’ve arranged some great options to help promote in-house. These will all be fulfilled based on your submission.

6. Posters

By now you all should have received an event poster like the one below:

You can download a copy here -> Event poster

We are currently in the process of delivering a second event poster which has been specifically design for each of your venues. See example below:

Each poster will list your venue’s name and details of your Burger and a picture and details of your chosen Beer. We’ve also added a QR code to the poster which, when scanned with your phone’s camera app, will take you straight to your Burger’s web page on Here people can login or register and vote for your burger.

You can find all venue posters for download here -> View venue posters

7. Coasters

What better way to enjoy your chosen Beer than on a prime Burger Brisbane coaster. Also adorned with a QR code sending people to the Burger Brisbane website. Check it:

Due to the recent outbreak of Coronavirus, this has put a slight delay on delivery of the coasters but we will confirm ETA early next week. The reason for this is our usual producer has been inundated with a large volume of work redirected from China and surrounding regions.

8. T Shirts

If you’ve ordered T Shirts, we’ll be sending out invoices for these shortly. Like the coasters, there have been some unexpected delays but we will be confirming ETA’s early next week.

Thank you in advance for your understanding with this.


Sweet Prizes

To help encourage the people of Brisbane to get involved, all venues are required to accept up to 5 vouchers of $25 per voucher per burger entry (this is not multiplied per venue). We’ll use these for judging and publicity (e.g. competitions, media hosting and social media coverage). Some of those we have listed below.

A copy of the vouchers will be sent to you to view in advance. Please make sure that your staff are aware of this.

9. Daily Competition

There will be a daily competition on Instagram @burgerbrisbane featuring 1 venue per day. The winners will get 2x $25 vouchers for the featured venue. The daily competition prizes will be valid until the end of the event – Sunday, 22 March 2020.

10. Grand Prize

There is also a grand prize competition where 1 luck person can win themselves 20 Burgers and 20 for their mates. To enter, you must vote for a burger via the Burger Brisbane website. More vote’s give you more chances to win. The winner will get 2 x $25 vouchers for the each Burger Brisbane venue, a total of 40 vouchers. The grand prize vouchers will be valid until the end of the year – Thursday, 31 December 2020.

11. Burger Brisbane’s Best Burger Award

Last but not least, Burger Brisbane’s coveted prize – Burger Brisbane’s Best Burger Award. All event burgers will be mystery judged by Brisbane’s Burger elite. Based on results from the judges combined with the votes cast by the public, the overall winner will be decided. This will be announced Sunday 22nd March 2020 at 3pm on the website and Instagram. The winning venue will get bragging rights until next Burger Brisbane.


Other Handy Stuff

12. Event Tags

If you’re posting, please tag us on #VoteBurger2020 #burgerbrisbane – Thanks!

13. Instagram Overlay

We’ve got nice little overlay you can use here -> Instagram Overlay

14. Trade Resources

All Burger Brisbane related images and resources can be found here-> Burger Brisbane Resources


Let The Burger’s Begin

There is a bit that goes into Burger Brisbane and we appreciate everyone putting in the effort to make it great. If you tackle the list above, you’ll be prepared for the coming 20 day burger battle. You’ll also probably be in good place to enjoy your Burger efforts, maybe a beer and a bit of fun. That’s all that matters.

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